Kit ordeed but questions

Rick Tilton

First, THANKS for the add!  Maybe premature BUT my plan is to get the kit HOPEFULLY next week and get it working.  THEN I have question which is the best AGC circuit?   It appears 160m and 60m are doable.  Those with success and any directions?  I'm not a code writer but may have to study on it NOW!.  Has anyone written code to add more bands?  Is radio capable with current LPF's and all the other components? 

The v6 Nextion display conversion DEFINITELY has my eye but back to software.  Yes I know ONE STEP at a time. But am curious on these things.  

Also enticed by the work of I think John Lannigan and adding transverters, AM and such. DEFINITELY AM!  

Tnx & 73,

Rick WK4R


Rick WK4R

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