The Saga continues.... uBITX v5 Firmware update

Daniel Flanagan

Hello again,

I now have all the tools I need to update my uBITX V5 firmware to
KD8CEC's V1.2 firmware thanks to the help of this group.

My new problem is my computer(s). I am using Windows 7 Professional
service pack 1.

I want to use XLoader to upload hex files to my uBITX V5, however I
can't get the CH340 driver to install properly. No com ports are
recognized after installation (none show up in device manager). When
I install the CH340 driver it tells me that the driver has been
installed in advance, i.e. pre-installed. When I installed the
Arduino IDE it installed a bunch of drivers. I thought that might be
the problem so I removed it (using Revo Pro which removes everything
associated with the program).

I have also tried doing this on my Windows 7 Home premium computer
with the same result. Can anyone tell me what I am missing?

Dan (W3DF)

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