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Gordon Gibby

Yup—I agree.

On Feb 13, 2020, at 10:20, Jim Sheldon <@W0EB> wrote:

Gordon, and others. That is the way it's supposed to work. I have posted on that a few times in the past, almost from day one, but NOBODY, not Farhan or CEC seems to have listened.

You NEVER offset the transmitter by the sidetone value in CW. That makes the dial inaccurate and can cause inadvertent out of band operation very easily.

The way CW works on ALL, repeat ALL properly designed transceivers that include CW as a mode is, when in CW mode, the keyed carrier MUST be on the exact frequency shown on the transceivers dial or whatever frequency indicator is used. The RECEIVER is offset by the sidetone frequency and in the direction from the transmitted carrier to put it in the center of whichever (USB/LSB) sideband is being received at the time. This allows the operator to tune in a CW signal to match his/her sidetone frequency and be basically zero beat to the received signals actual transmitting frequency.

This way, if you pay attention to your band limits and if your uBITX master oscillator is properly calibrated, you should never have to worry about accidentally transmitting out of band with possible legal repercussions from your country's licensing authority.

Until the people supplying the software used get this fixed, CW will never work right.

By the way, our TSW group has done it right from the first time we came up with working software for the uBITX and all our software has CW transmitting on the dial frequency with the receiver being properly offset.

Jim Sheldon, W0EB
TSW Project Coordinator

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It can easily be fixed, however it would require that people explicitly choose to be in CW mode. Then the offset can be built right into the code, with the display showing your TRANSMIT frequency, and receiving offset by the proper amount.
On Feb 13, 2020, at 09:49, W2CTX <w2ctx@...> wrote:
You are correct in how the ubitx works in CW and it has been wrong since day 1.
However itb has never been fixed!

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The CW issue it that I have to tune off of my frequency, by whatever frequency I have the tone set for, in order to hear a replying station. I thought the entire idea of having that tone setting was to not have to use the RIT.


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