Re: uBITX V5 Firmware Hex Files

Jack, W8TEE


Yep, the baud rate on the Serial monitor must match that in the program code. Otherwise, you get either no output or a derivative of Mandarin.

I have not looked at the KD8CEC software so I can't help much there. Just keep in mind that all of the source code files for a project (i.e., sketch) must be in the same folder and that folder must have the name of the file that contains setup() and loop(). That is, if a project has those two functions in a file named myProject.ino, the directory MUST be named myProject.

Jack, W8TEE

On Wednesday, February 12, 2020, 4:40:38 PM EST, Daniel Flanagan <danflan49@...> wrote:

Thanks Jack,

I worked through the first chapter of your book today and complied and
uploaded the simple 2 line program in chapter 1. I think the Arduino
IDE is working OK although
I didn't see any output until I manually set the baud rate in the
serial monitor to 115200. I thought the first line of the simple
program would do that.  Otherwise, I have't a clue how to compile the
KD8CEC source code files I find with the Arduino IDE.

Several questions.  The V1.2 KD8CEC says you need to set a flag for V5
and below but doesn't say what flag and where it can be found.  Which
file/library do I use for the standard 2 line LCD?  Which file or
files do I compile before uploading?

I am a retired EE.  I did some programming in the 80s and 90s.  I
wrote a 4000 line program to do active and semi-active radar
performance analysis at work.  It was originally in Basic then I had
to switch to QuickBasic to speed things up.  Later I did some assembly
language on the home PC.  In the mid 90s I learned some standard C to
see if the programs I had written in QuickBasic would run any faster
if written in C.  They didn't, actually they were slower compiled with
the QuickC compiler.  Programming tools changed so often back then I
got tired to trying to keep up with it and got away from it.

I am looking for hex files so I can use Xloader to update my uBITX V5
which I recently completed.

Dan (W3DF)

On 2/12/20, Evan Hand <elhandjr@...> wrote:
> Here is the github repository for the CEC software.
> It has links to both the source code, and the .hex files.  The .hex files
> can be installed into the ubitx Nano via USB and the Hex Loader software.
> Hex loader is here:
> Best of luck and welcome to the group.
> 73
> Evan

Jack, W8TEE

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