Re: uBITX V5 Firmware Hex Files

Daniel Flanagan

Thanks Jack,

I worked through the first chapter of your book today and complied and
uploaded the simple 2 line program in chapter 1. I think the Arduino
IDE is working OK although
I didn't see any output until I manually set the baud rate in the
serial monitor to 115200. I thought the first line of the simple
program would do that. Otherwise, I have't a clue how to compile the
KD8CEC source code files I find with the Arduino IDE.

Several questions. The V1.2 KD8CEC says you need to set a flag for V5
and below but doesn't say what flag and where it can be found. Which
file/library do I use for the standard 2 line LCD? Which file or
files do I compile before uploading?

I am a retired EE. I did some programming in the 80s and 90s. I
wrote a 4000 line program to do active and semi-active radar
performance analysis at work. It was originally in Basic then I had
to switch to QuickBasic to speed things up. Later I did some assembly
language on the home PC. In the mid 90s I learned some standard C to
see if the programs I had written in QuickBasic would run any faster
if written in C. They didn't, actually they were slower compiled with
the QuickC compiler. Programming tools changed so often back then I
got tired to trying to keep up with it and got away from it.

I am looking for hex files so I can use Xloader to update my uBITX V5
which I recently completed.

Dan (W3DF)

On 2/12/20, Evan Hand <elhandjr@...> wrote:
Here is the github repository for the CEC software.

It has links to both the source code, and the .hex files.  The .hex files
can be installed into the ubitx Nano via USB and the Hex Loader software.
Hex loader is here:

Best of luck and welcome to the group.

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