Re: uBITX V5 Firmware Hex Files

Jack, W8TEE


Start with a simple example source code program to begin with. Hook up your Nano to the USB port and install the IDE as explained in the book. Then load the Blink program (File --> Examples --> 01. Basics --> Blink is the menu sequence, which is also explained in the book). Make sure you have the board set to Nano (i.e., Tools --> Boards) and you've selected the USB port connected to your PC/Nano. Now click the Compile/Upload icon (just below the File menu option) and you should see the Nano blinking.

If the IDE does not upload the compiled code to your Nano, you may need to download and install the CH340 driver. Just search for "CH340 download" and install the driver. If it still doesn't upload, you may have a Nano clone with an old bootloader. Go to the Tools menu and look for the Bootloader option. If you see it (you may not), select "Old bootloader" (those are the exact words, but close enough). Now try it should work.

Mess around with a couple of other example programs. When you feel comfortable doing that, then compile/load the KD8CDC software.

Jack, W8TEE

On Wednesday, February 12, 2020, 3:48:40 PM EST, Daniel Flanagan <danflan49@...> wrote:

Hello All,

I am new to all of this.  I just got my Arduino Nano board and W8TEE's
Book on Beginning C for the Arduino.  I don't know how to compile the
source code files yet.  I want to upgrade the firmware on my stock V5
to a version of KD8CEC's firmware.  I have searched all over the web
for them but come up empty, all I find is source code.  Can someone
point me to where I can download the firmware HEX files from KD8CEC?

Dan (W3DF)

Jack, W8TEE

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