Re: Trustworthy 2N2222A?

Rob French (KC4UPR)

Hey Ted,  I'll check the link out... I guess I was skeptical right off the bat for anything from eBay.  I'll take your recommendation ;-).

As I mentioned in the other post, for the resistor I think I will just try to use the unused resistor in each pair as the additional resistor, i.e. since each pair of 2N3904's gets replaced by a single 2N5109.  

If I don't burn one up, I'll use the spare to make that wideband RF preamp you mentioned; looking at the kit from, I think I've got everything on hand except the transistor, so might as well just wire it up dead-bug style.

And you didn't change Q90, correct? Left it as a 2N3904, not a BFR106.

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