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In Antuino the 8307 only measures the IF at 25MHz so any errors will have to come from the mixer or
the SI chip

Its very accurate upto 150MHz.. -20dbm reads -21dbm on my Mentuino! right through!
Above 150 the reading is a constant -33dbm. This can be corrected in the firmware if you are up to it.

Note the meter is frequency sensitive and not broad band. For an accurate measure you need to fine tune the frequecy
up to 1KHz or so. Userful to measure harmonics.


At 28-01-20, you wrote:

Is the PWR mode accurate +-1db up to which frequency? I am asking this because I see expected values at HF and going up in frequency I have the impression it gives lower value. Before Antuino I was using a AD8307 board connected to a tester and figure 7 in the AD8307. That figure shows that going higher in frequency up to 500Mhz the same RF voltage indicates more dbm (maybe 10 or so) at 500 Mhz compared to 10Mhz. So it is linear at a given frequency but the same value at a frequency is not the same at a different frequency. Does Antuino take this into account or should I consider accurate at 10Mhz and mentally add the missing dbm according to fig. 7 of the AD8307 datasheet in case I use it at VHF-UHF?

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