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I would appreciate any insights.  I have an unmodded v5 I assembled with a similar problem. The first time I keyed the Mic it stuck in transmit. Rx/Tx LED shows red.

I have been out of the hobby over 15 years and don't have any test equipment other than a multimeter and I have forgotten just about everything I once knew on radio electronics

Hamp Yearwood KG5MG

On Jan 27, 2020, at 11:50 AM, Gordon Gibby <docvacuumtubes@...> wrote:
more power to ya!
many times I have puzzled over something, and gone away from it to take a nap, or bedtime, and woke up with a better idea of how to attack!!!   When completely frustrated, give it a bit.
All of us have been there.    The trick is to find some way to get the radio to tell you where the problem is.   Some circuit, some resistor, has a voltage or a resistance that gives it all away.

I recently designed a printed circuit board to allow me to completely rebuild old Heathkit power supplies for the ancient HW-100 and SB100 series....and it dawned on me that those miliamps of bleeder resistor current could be put to good use!   I put different colored LED's in each bleeder resistor lineup and now at a glance you can tell if this or that voltage is still present    That project hasn't been written up yet for posting somewhere, but eventually it will.   

On Mon, Jan 27, 2020 at 11:56 AM Curt via Groups.Io <wb8yyy=> wrote:

Glad you guys are helping me - I should be able to find it from here.  Thanks for suggesting where to begin work with my DVM. 

Yes seeing that mixed color from the bi-color LED is telling me something already. 


Yes another learning opportunity - been there with >75% of the stuff I build.  I really learned how the K2 works by inflicting some battle damage on it.  I tried to skirt by much learning on the raduino - LOL.  No please don't research my previous errors documented here. 

I will give it 'anesthesia' -- troubleshoot without DC applied and good ESD practices (nature is cooperating - very moist here in mid-atlantic just now).  Yes you are hitting me with the same medicine I have dispensed to others here.  Just to say I am having fun with your prescriptions to apply my license theory! 

Very 73, enjoy the silicon and tickle the ions


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