Re: Made Mods to V3 uBitx - no longer transmitting #ubitx-help #v3


Is it receiving ?


At 23-01-20, you wrote:
I've completed 3 fixes/modifications to my uBitx v3.  These include:

Make your rig compliant by removing unwanted spurs

Make your rig (mostly) compliant by removing unwanted harmonics (same link)

FIX: UNEVEN TX OUTPUT ACROSS BANDS Relay and potentiometer solution (Bill K9HZ  THE N6CNY VERSION)

After completing the mods, the rig is no longer transmitting.  I have tested the new board and believe it is working properly.  As far as I can tell, the new relay switches are working properly.  I've installed and reinstalled the L5 and L7 capacitors.  I've adjusted the new pots in several different ways.  Still nothing. 

Radiuno appears to be functioning properly. 

I fear I've messed up something else in the process. 

What advice can you give me on the best method to debug the board?  I have little experience in modifying and/or building electronics. 

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