Re: Knob "Momentum" #ubitx #v6

Jack, W8TEE


At one time I had written a short article for Doug Henrick's QRPp magazine for what I called "Fast Tune" that worked in the same manner using a timing interrupt. You're right, the rate is very subjective and I used a symbolic constant the user could set for their particular preferences. That said, I got a lot of people telling me they tried it, but couldn't get used to it, so they removed my code. The good thing you did, which I didn't, was to make it settable at runtime. That might make all the difference, especially if the rig is "shared" (e.g., multi-op at Field Day).

Jack, W8TEE

On Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 4:51:00 AM EST, Reed N <greenkid336600+groupsio@...> wrote:

My latest improvement effort is to make the knob dynamically change its step size, so when you're tuning fast, it goes fast, but when you're trying to get the exact right frequency, it will let you. There's a lot of subjectivity in this, so it's more of an art than a science (though there is some science to be had).

Joel (N6ALT) - I'd appreciate it if you could take it for a spin, since you seem generally up for some adventure.
Mark/Smitty - I'd also appreciate your feedback, since it's building off of your work with the interrupts.
Andy_501 - I've dropped the increments on the settings menus (among others, the local oscillator cal), so you may be interested in trying it out for that reason. I've attached a hex, since I don't think you've had success compiling?


Jack, W8TEE

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