Re: Relative Power indication on Nextion display


Hi Mike, 
I took some time this weekend to look into the code. Indeed, the analog pin A7 is read only during RX, in a process called idle_process() .With a very simple code change I was able to read the analog pin during TX. but only for PTT and TX from CAT. It does not work when keying down (I don't know why, I wasn't able to figure it out).
So now I am using A7 for both S-Meter (during receive) and for FWD/REF during TX. 
The code change as follows:
ubitx_20.ino, line 1515, insert the following lines between  " } //end of check TX Status" and   "//we check CAT after the encoder as it might put the radio into TX"

    if (beforeIdle_ProcessTime < millis() - 250) {
      DisplayMeter(2, analogRead(ANALOG_SMETER)/50, 13);  //calibrated so that 2,5V is full scale of display meter, change according to the input voltage on pin 7
      beforeIdle_ProcessTime = millis();

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