Re: New case from India

Wayne Leake

 There are photos n the web site.
 It is in the box, out of the way for a bit.
 I'm on my cellphone, so need to g and see if I can copy the pix.
 It is grey, has the window for raduino display on the left, holes for speaker/headphone jack and Mike Jack under that. To the right it has holes for volume and Mike gain, then far right is the tuning control.
 Comes with 3 pots, speaker, assorted hardware, speaker and Mike jacks, which are common 1/8" stereo jacks.
 An SO239 connector, short power cable and socket, fuse holder with fuse, switch for power, a metal bracket to hold the front up, plus hardware to hold the raduinos display in place.
 Also 3 knobs.
 Has short risers with screws to mount the BITX40 from Ashar Farhan's.
 Priced at $20 plus shipping.
 Available in several colors.
 DHL delivery was faster than I figured.

 Wayne WA2YNE
 Will see about pix later

On Sun, Jan 19, 2020, 10:24 AM Dennis Beverage <Sodypop@...> wrote:
A photo would’ve been nice😁.

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