Unit dead


Don't know if it's related, but my power supply died and now the unit is also dead.  I wasn't sure if it hurt to have the power supply on when the transceiver is off and I forgot to pull the plug, but the other day all I got from it was a faint flicker on the power supply light, no output.  Perhaps a surge wiped it out.  I got another power supply and it measures 12 volts output, but no response at all from the Ubitx5, no sound, no display, nothing.  I've checked the connections and don't see anything obvious.  The fuse tests OK with ohm meter.  The power switch seems OK.  The 2 cables from the big board to the small board are firmly seated.  I've jiggled wires and played with it but it's not resuscitating.  Any suggestions? 

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