Re: Need to Calibrate the V6 #v6

Morris Ford <morrishford@...>

I am trying to use the BFO tuning aid. What exactly does the part of the website mean that says to tune until the noise is centered between the two red lines? I have noise all the way across with a dip partway across. I would assume that the dip is to be centered between the two lines but tuning does not move that 'notch'. Tuning changes the relative height of the noise on the right and the left. Does someone have a screen grab?

After I wrote the above I started up the radio again and went to the web page again and twiddled the knob some more and I just snapped an image. What does that image indicate?


On Fri, Jan 10, 2020 at 2:27 PM <k7ome@...> wrote:
Thanks Reed!  I did add that issue on Github as you suggested.  I'll get this figure out some day ....

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