Re: one_stop_setting debugging #v6

Reed N

Hey Joel,

I got enough parts that I could finally got back to this. I believe I found the source of the weirdness you saw. The issue was primarily three-fold:
  1. Per, the screen was rendering bad stuff when below 1MHz (1000kHz)
  2. In my code, if you set the radio to a frequency outside of the bands Ashhar had coded (3.5MHz-35MHz), it would load 0, not a safe default as I had intended. If you tuned into an AM station (1000kHz, for instance) and then turned the radio off, this would fall out of the hard coded range, triggering the bug.
  3. I wasn't loading the saved oscillator cal properly at boot, so you'd need to recal the oscillator every time (not ideal!)
When combined, these result in the display doing wonky frequency things while the VFO is WAY off from where you'd want it (0Hz isn't a popular ham band, and especially not so when uncalibrated :P).

I think I have all of that stuff sorted now, so if you're willing to give the one_stop_settings branch another go to sanity check me before I merge it into my own master, I'd appreciate it. Of course, anybody else on this thread is also welcome to give it a go :)


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