Re: No XMIT, No Recv #v6

Jerry Gaffke

Glad you found it.

Ideally, all firmware would have sanity checks on critical values stored in firmware,
ignore them if they are out of bounds.
And there should be an easy and obvious menu entry to revert to reasonable default values from flash.

Jerry, KE7ER

On Wed, Jan 15, 2020 at 07:28 AM, <k7ome@...> wrote:
Thanks for the reply Jerry and I think you're basically correct.  It's working again.  The problem was the calibration value that was stored in the EEPROM (where ever that thing may be).  I was implementing a change to the Setup code that would show the stored value when you went back to Setup.  Somehow - and I still don't see how it happened - the calibration value that got stored at some point included the entire frequency plus the calibration value! That made the calibration way out of range and shut everything down.  Even after reloading the original code the problem persisted because the EEPROM values stayed the same.  Once I had that figured out I forced the EEPROM value back to 875 and the radio started working again.  Now I can re-calibrate and see the stored values when I do. 

Well, I guess you have to expect that kind of stuff to happen when you go messing around with the code....

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