No XMIT, No Recv #v6


My V6 suddenly decided not to transmit or receive.  I did do a frequency and BFO adjustment a few days ago and had it dead on frequency.  It is possible that I may now have wiped out the settings on the EEPROM but nothing I have tried to correct that situation makes any difference.  The factory software is installed. The software operates as it should but there is no power going out and no audio coming in even when I transmit on my Kenwood (from previous tests I know that this should be working). There is no burning electronics smell and no visible damage inside the radio (I have made no hardware mods). The speaker still produces the 'live air' sound but there does seem to be an extra 'whistle' in it.  It is very cold and dry here so maybe a static charge problem?  Is the EEPROM onboard the Nano? I don't see any I can recognize on the main board. I can replace the Nano if you think that might be a solution.

Summary: worked fine but stopped suddenly.  No power out at all, no reception even from a nearby transmitter. 


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