Re: New ham, Ubitx issues #ubitx


Dear Jerry, KE7ER
You are exactly the kind of person I hoped to encounter in Ham radio. I love DIY, and I love the sharing of knowledge. This is was brought me to the uBitx. Also, your post was the PERFECT step by step guide to finding my problem, and solution!

So, I don't know if anyone has noticed on the V4 boards, but RV3 is crooked from the factory to clear the heatsink. Well, somehow, over time, one of the legs on that trimmer broke so it was now feeding Q94 with around 5v! no bias adjustment possible! All I had to do was swap it out for another one and we are back in business! set the finals to 100mA each and all seems good! Thanks again from everyone who chimed in. I have asked the Ham that did my exam and he said, as far as he reads it, the ubitx falls under "assembly of commercially available transmitter kits of professional design". I will get him to check it over anyway, but I'm not about to stay in bed afraid of the world. I will also be studying towards my advanced, as homebrew QRP is what I am most interested in.

Thanks again,
Dayne, VE7DNT

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