Question about power output #ubitx #v5

Anthony F4HUY

got my ubitx v5 one month ago, almost finished ...

it's sell with "More than 10 watts up to 10 MHz, 7 watts up to 21 MHz, 2 watts on 28 MHz" ,
i get 2w between 21 an 30Mhz, then the power drastically decrease under 2w under 21mhz, around 800mw at 7.1mhz, and close to zero on 3.5mhz

what's happen ? it's should be the opposite.

i have already checked and re*tuned rv2/rv3, my microphone is a baofeng, test with cw give same result

i want to operate mainly on 20meters, hope 5watts, should be nice.

any idea ???

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