Re: Ubitx V6 Nextion 2.8" Display Modification

Evan Hand


Thank-you again.  i see that it is a "basic" 2.8" unit.  I know where to get the KD8CEC firmware for the Nano, are you saying that the source on Git hub had the tft file for the Nextion as well?  When I downloaded what was there I could not get it to work with my 2.8" Enhanced display.  I also could not get the source to compile, as it said that there was not enough memory.

I am new to the Nextion editor, so it may be something simple on the settings that I do not know about.  I have built 3 units, a 2.4", 3.2" and now a 3.5", however all have been from tft files.  I did not have the issues that are happening for me now.


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