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Andy_501 <andrew.webb.501.ve4per@...>

I was a volunteer examiner here in Canada for our rural locale and Basic Plus gives a successful candidate access to all bands including  HF bands below 30MHz with power limitations and using commercially built gear. Not until the candidate attains advanced amateur qualification are they allowed to own and sponsor repeaters or other remote access equipment, use homebrew gear, or run full authorized maximum power.

It is why I was putting forth the idea to a local club that runs advanced courses to see about including a lower priced QRP multi-mode all band transceiver kit as part of the practical lab component to the course. In such a case they would hopefully attain advanced privileges and attaining the OK to operate on home built gear as it were.

Should they not pass on the first try they would have gear that was checked by advanced amateurs conducting the course their first time through and certified it met specs and thus possibly considered in the same class as the required "commercial gear" rating until they could re-take the advanced test with success.

Don't mean to be a nit-picker; just didn't want to see any noobies get into troubles with the powers that be.

Cheers & 73


On 2020-01-14 1:14 a.m., Mark - N7EKU wrote:
Hi Dayne,

I would redo the bias setting in the finals. There should be instructions for that on or on the list here. 

Congrats on your new license!  I  wondering however if your current level allows you to operate a kit radio like the ubitx?  



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