Re: New ham, Ubitx issues #ubitx

Andy_501 <andrew.webb.501.ve4per@...>

Only question that comes to mind is does the UBITx kits fit into "commercially built & certified"  category or "homebrewed" ?? because Basic-Plus requirement also requires gear be commercially built and certified. Unless the kit is built but certified by an advanced amateur as complying with ISED Eng specifications for operation????

On 2020-01-14 1:57 a.m., Reed N wrote:
Mark - I think he does. says
Attaining honours scores (i.e. 80% or above) on the Basic examination, or attaining qualifications in addition to the Basic Amateur Certificate will grant the amateur certificate holder additional operating privileges as specified in RBR-4, including full access to the amateur frequency bands below 30 MHz (i.e. high frequency (HF)).
Dayne - FT8 (among many digital modes) runs the radio pretty hard, since it transmits for long periods of time with lots of modulation. Definitely a good stress test, but unfortunate that it may have overstressed one of the amps. I'm not sure what input voltage you're running at, but you could try reducing your input voltage, which will reduce the final power, and subsequently put less stress on the finals. I haven't measured my v6's current, but both of my finals get warm fairly quickly when I continuously transmit into a dummy load, so it definitely sounds like you may have an issue.


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