[uBITx V6] #v6 Noobie Big Picture Overview doc #v6

Andy_501 <andrew.webb.501.ve4per@...>

Hello folks,

Attached is draft Noobie guide pdf version for comments/improvements. If my bricked rig solution is repairable using software re-install I will add that procedure to end as well. I'd like to include similar details to get access and control of software fom laptop like memory manager and internal software settings as well but current tech info is so scattered and scarce I could use a bit of an assist from anyone else to enhance what I have already.

The YouTUbe video was somewhat helpful but it referred to uploading code then doing hardware resets and this rig doesn't have such a button and only reset available is power up/down sequencing unless one can go through USB comm port.

The same was true using Xloader it would talk to the USB port to upload but no further controls to reset other than a power recycle of the whole unit after removing USB connection.

All comments &/or suggestions are appreciated and I will put final version out as an attachment also.



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