Re: UBITX6 Will Not Select 17 Meters

Reed N


The "17m won't work" isn't that 17m doesn't work, it's that the quick select button for 17m doesn't work. If you don't want to update the software, you don't have to - just tune to 17m manually. Inconvenient, yes. Radio-breaking flaw, no. However, this particular issue is one that you can fix right now yourself. Ashhar said, "The changes have been pushed", so if you go to, download the repo (green button on the right, choose download zip), and upload the revised code to your Arduino nano, the 17m button should work as expected. If you don't know how to program an Arduino, there are tons of tutorials online, and I'm sure you can find that information with a quick search for "how to program an Arduino nano".

I (and I expect many others) bought the uBitx specifically because it can be reprogrammed and easily modified. It's a bit rough around the edges, but I fully expected that coming in. If I wanted a high quality radio that "Just Worked" out of the box, I'd buy from the big three - Yaseu, Icom, or Kenwood - since they have large teams of experts designing and testing their radios extensively, whereas HFSignals is tiny by comparison. It sounds like your expectations may have been different, which is unfortunate. The uBitx is designed to be a decent radio with a strong emphasis on cost and hack-ability, not a best quality or polished final product. To quote the "About" page

 With the BITX40, we hope to recover that ground and encourage more and more people to get on air, modify, experiment, build and learn. ... The HF Signals kits are supplied as-is without any promise that they will work to any particular specification. That said, thousands of BITX transceivers supplied by HF Signals work across the world. There is an active and very informative forum for learning and getting help that is entirely driven by the builder community.
The BITX and uBITX lines both have had a number of issues - just scroll through this forum and you'll find lots of problems, but also lots of solutions. It's constantly improving because people donate their time, but that doesn't mean everything is perfect out of the box. In particular, the v6 is a brand new release, which means you're on the bleeding edge - the new software hasn't seen as much testing and improvement as the software for earlier version. I fully expect that by this time next year, most of these issues will be fully resolved or worked around, if you don't mind waiting.


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