Re: UBITX6 Will Not Select 17 Meters

Steve Sawicki

Good Day Erwin,
I am beginning to believe that  my trust and belief in the UBITX  concept has been shaken and  was a bit  ahead of reality.
Yes the "V6" that I ordered is actually a V5 with a  touch screen display that was rushed  with "production" and shoddy packaging (I spent $209)  with discovering that the "Kit" was assembled in a rush with many missing items (yes I have a good junk box) that was able to compensate for missing and bent metal.
But the item that I was surprised and disappointed  me  that right out of the box was that the Firmware has a BUG with 17 meters  and will require a  new load is extremely troubling.
I have been trying to fallow the various routes to HOW to DO correct the BUG and unfortunately it has me totally confused I attempted to understand how to implement the "KD8CEC Memory Manager software" with total confusion.
It is my personal belief that  after spending the monies to  buy the product that the producer should provide a CLEAR and EASY SOLUTION that can be easily implemented by the average individual.
Yes I have a "assembled " V6  that at this point have put it on the shelf until the smoke clears .

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