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Jerry Gaffke


That class sounds very cool, and I believe it is exactly the sort of thing
Farhan is hoping these rigs can make possible.
Let us know how it goes, and any tips for others attempting the same.

I don't know that there is much of a "posting policy" other than to be somewhat courteous.
Maybe somebody gave you guff about the recent posts on digital modes?

With several thousand forum members, we don't always agree on how to use the forum.
The only person to watch out for is Arv Evans, K7HKL, as he runs the forum.
Dig around here and you will find posts from Arv that are not about the uBitx. 
Or even radio.

Some get upset when a thread starts to wander.
Personally, I rather like to occasionally have a conversation that goes somewhere.

Jerry, KE7ER

On Sun, Jan 5, 2020 at 04:06 PM, Andy_501 wrote:
Hello all,

I apologize if my posts have been broad and maybe related to other forums or threads here that I am not familiar with yet.

I am trying to get through assembling the kit and getting it working quickly so that I can incorporate it into an advanced amateur qualification licensing course outline/power point presentation so that it can possibly become something that a class would use as a practical exercise and demonstration for training purposes and still be a good piece of kit to have to participate in the QRP aspects of the hobby on a course completion.

In Canada we have three license privilege levels 1. Basic ( operates only above 10 M)  2. Basic Plus or Honors (operates all amateur bands and modes including HF but with power restrictions and only commercial or approved equipment) 3. Advanced ( all modes all bands max power 1 KW includes repeaters and remote controlled stations).

The main thrust of my efforts is to develop a course outline and lesson plans to prepare a say  Basic Plus qualified amateur to write and pass the advanced qualification and also have them come out of the course with a working rig they can use right away. The idea was to have candidates pay a nominal fee for advanced course as normal plus the cost of the kit. If they don't pass the advanced qualification on the first try the fact that they have built the kit as part of the course taught by advanced amateurs who can then attest to the rig's conformance to regulatory requirements, they would be able to immediately use the rig while they re-reviewed the theory to attempt the exam a second time.

Given a class of say 10 -15 students a club might be able to bulk purchase 10-20 kits once or twice a year so that students could improve their qualification level and have an operational rig on air in 5-8 weeks for a total cost in the ballpark of $345.

Again I apologize for lack of knowledge in the group's threads or sub group posting policies and thank everybody that have offered tips and help to this point so I can get at course design quicker.

73 & gud DX  de VE4PER  Andy

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