Re: UBITX6 Will Not Select 17 Meters

Jim Sheldon

There's an error in the original factory programming code.  You need to change line 746 in the ubitx.h file to read exactly like the following
 else if (!strcmp(b->text, "17"))  The error has the 17 as 18 in the original source code.  Change that 18 to 17, recompile & upload the program.  The 17 meter button will then operate.

Unfortunately, the way the original is set up, and already calibrated, if you re-compile the program you will have to re-set your frequency calibration AND BFO setting as it will revert to the defaults in the original source code.

BFO setting -- 11.055.0 is a good place to start (each V6 radio is slightly different.  Mine actually came out 11.055.4 when the BFO was set to the proper point on the filter).

Jim, W0EB

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Not that I particularly wanted to use 17 but all the other bands select just fine. Anybody else seeing this issue?

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