Re: ubitx #v6 Screen Speed Mod #v6


Jack, Farhan,

Would the NANO EVERY be faster ?


At 02-01-20, you wrote:
I am travelling, can't wait to try this out!

- f

On Thu 2 Jan, 2020, 10:33 AM Reed N, < greenkid336600+groupsio@...> wrote:
I don't have my full radio built yet, but I have spent some time speeding up the screen refresh. The screen speed increases are due to the fabulous work done by Xark: , so my contribution on that front are purely the integration into this project.

I intentionally kept the UI fairly similar to Ashhar's original release, however it's now much faster and easier to change colors, layout, etc.

NOTE: While I've tested the UI a fair amount, I have NOT actually run a radio with this. I'd definitely appreciate feedback if anybody is willing to give it a go on a fully built rig!

If the current state looks good and is working on a full-up rig, I'll create a PR before tackling other code updates.


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