Re: New adapter kit from TSW #ubitx #radiuno

Rob French (KC4UPR)

Hey Jim, I see that the current TSW firmware available for the T4 is essentially the "stock" uBITX firmware.  Is there a plan to port any additional code (primarily, display code) from the Biteensio effort?  I'm very much interested in trying out the T4, but I'm using an I2C display. 

Also, could you point me toward the negative reviews regarding Teensy 4 and the audio adaptor?  I'm looking to get some more specifics on that, understand if it's a design vs. production issue with the shield, etc.  Do you know if that was specifically for the Rev D audio board, or for Rev C's being used in a workaround with the T4?

(Also, regarding the upside down mounting, I'd think that wouldn't be an issue, if the T4 and audio shield are both purchased w/o headers, and then I solder on the appropriate headers??? But I still haven't looked at the respective pinouts...

Rob - KC4UPR

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