Re: Alternatives to Baofeng mic?

Ashhar Farhan

There is a lot of myth around these mics. I have seen some hams spend a fortune on their microphones. Most of this is quite useless. Let me explain, why.
1. The audio channel of an analog radio is limited to frequencies between 300 hz and 3000 hz. The frequency response of your mic below or above this not of much use. On the other hand a podcast recorded in FLAC format, sampled at 24 bit and 96 khz will sound very different between electret mic of the ubitx and a blue condensor mic.
2. Flatness of the mic's frequency response. This too isn't of much use. The crystal filters variations will dominate any gains you have at flatenning the response. In any case, less than a db of variations are hardly going to register at the other end.
3. Distortion. Most of the times, you want your voice to be compressed and hence distorted. We use ALC to up the gain while talking softly and then push the gain down while yelling. Additionally we use clipping and compression and this leads to distorted audio. 
Save yourself the money, buy yourself something nice and better instead.

- f

On Tue 31 Dec, 2019, 6:53 PM Joel Caulkins/N6ALT, <caulktel@...> wrote:
I use this one on all my bitx's and get great audio reports.


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