Re: S-Meter on Nextion Display


Hi, Richard.

The S-meter in the CEC NX_S software will work fine though some have added a simple audio amp (LM386, etc) between a tap from the yellow (vol pot "high") wire on the audio header to Pin 7 of the Raduino header in order to get full range from the meter.  One then uses part of the Memory Manager software ( to set the lower and upper range of the meter readings.

If you do take the time to staple in a second Nano processor into your build and blow additional firmware into this second Nano, then add a few wires, a small disc capacitor, and a pair of resistors, your S-meter will react a bit faster AND you will get some extra features that are neat to play with (and you don't need an additional audio amp to feed it).  Here's how:   This is amazingly easy to do, if you don't mind soldering wires to the Nano pin positions. It certainly takes no more work or time than it does to wire in a second audio amp for feeding the meter direct.




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