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Some people do not realize to reach the price point, the ubitx must be bare bones. All these features look good and most  likely attractive features and your cost goes up.
These brings you into a different market place. You might have to compete with the used Icoms, Keywood, etc.

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I Meant to suggest on some future revision X of Ubitx, a PCB layout to place a 3-5 mil wide  about 1.5" or 35-40 mm long trace from FET finals to round through hole for wire from PCB to RF connector.  Parallel to the RF trace are two narrow traces tight to the center trace.  These form the forward and reverse voltage detectors with diode's, cap and resistors.  Then use extra ADC inputs to measure the voltage.  If extra ADC inputs not available, use Tiny AT85 8 pin micro to generate I2C or other interface back to raduino for SWR display.  I liked the twin needles display on the MFJ 949 antenna tuner.

Just one of a thousand ideas to make the Ubitx better for a couple more discrete parts.  I have looked at SWR schematics and see some use parallel lines for measurements and others use a torroid,  with final current going straight through a wire or 1 or 2 turns around the torroid.  Several turns around the torroid for the output winding's.

Group members, Welcome your discussions, changes, modifications, corrections, or an outright NO, for a PCB layout that adds SWR capacity. IE You already have SWR Meter on an external antenna tuner.

Farhan, is there much interest in India for a dual band 10 meter 28- 29.7 MHz  and 6 meter 50-54 Mhz SSB transceiver?  I would think that smaller antenna size 8'6" for 1/4 wave 10 meter and a circular antenna for 6 meter omni-directional use, might be easier to setup in limited space.   Yes I know 80 meter ground wave on milliwatts will get a longer distance  to a fellow ham friend, than 10  meter wavelength band.  Yes the 2N3904 or 2N2222 transistors don't support the 50 MHz frequency very well.

Maybe instead of SSB mode make a FM only 10M & 6M Transceiver,. Use 700 hertz audio sine wave into FM for CW like keying an FM audio (not true CW mode).   Include Support for using through 10 meter & 6 meter FM repeater's for distance in India and other locations around the world.
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