For Sale: v4 board plus Axicom relays AGC and filter boards etc. #parts #ubitx #filters #nextion #v4

derek (G4VWI)

I have lots of unused spares including a complete v4 board with raduino/display available.

Prefer to ship within the UK due to postal charges.
Having now completed a number of QCX and a uBitX projects someone may find these parts ideal for a new build or experimentation.
v4 board with raduino and display supplied in original plastic case plus leads plugs and sockets.
Axicom relays x5 [Farnell Code:2533099] new unopened package.
VK4PLN AGC board SMD fully populated [ND6T design unused].
VK4PLN AGC board SMD unpopulated [ND6T design new unused].
K5BCQ AGC x2 fully populated [not used].
VK4PP 45Mhz filter board x2 rev.03. Plus 45Mhz filters. Matched pair  [3 pin type T45U15BG new unused].
Nextion enhanced 2.8inch OEM display boxed. ALL £70.00 including PP.
Many thanks. Derek G4VWI 

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