Re: How to get rid of Local FM broadcast stations #ubitx

MVS Sarma

I found this while browsing for ugly balun
" From Russ Wilson <ve6vk@telusplanetlnet>

"Don. I built one of your "Ugly Baluns". I was using it on a dipole for 80/40 meters.
I had some TVI without the balun, so no doubt the feedline was radiating.
With the balun attached, the TVI completely disappeared. I built a second one as I had the same TVI problem with an R7. The balun cured this as well. I can run my linear now with no problems as all. So I appreciate your expertise and your article."
"Thank you.
Best Wishes

Russ, VE6VK"

On Wed, Dec 25, 2019 at 8:45 AM Clark Martin <kk6isp@...> wrote:
To verify, if you have a low power transmitter (oscillator) that can tune around the offending AM BCB frequency, turn it on near the µBitX and see if you can interfere with the interfering signal.  If you can, then it is the lower AM frequency, not FM.

Clark Martin

On Dec 24, 2019, at 3:06 AM, vu3onx@... wrote:

The discussion above made me think whether I have AM or FM interference. I had one MW Radio which was also playing the same station at 650 + KHz so I was in conclusion that it is AM. 
But I checked and found that it is being transmitted over FM too.

Huh.. I am lost.. How do I verify? 
Looks like I have to wait for any program host speak it out and say You are listening to AM/FM .. 

Any way I am trying to make a HPF first and see if that is going to eliminate my problem..

Getting Toroid at my place is bit difficult. Hope I get ready made conductors.

I am going to purchase the parts and hope I will be able to use my uBitx.. 

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