Version 6 Received, and working. Comments, questions, and a couple of bugs

Neil Goldstein

My 6 arrived yesterday here in Upstate NY. A great Christmas/Hanukkah present!

I have it up and running.  No QSOs yet, but some observations and questions:

1: When you go into the setup menu, your current Freq and USB settings do not appear, but it resets everything as soon as you try to enter the field. This freaked me out at first because the defaults are way off, and it left me with an unusable radio.  I was able to figure out how to get it back though.  WWV is your friend!  It would be great if the current values displayed first though.
2: 17M preset not working. All other bands work fine. 
3: Entering a frequency lower that 1000 kHz displays wrong. Example: entering 950 kHz displays as 9500, but is actually tuning 950. Turning the knob leaves you in the same band-range, but still displays as freq X 10 until you pass 1000 kHz, then it displays as 1000 kHz.
4: Screw on feet would be better. Adhesive not so great.
5: How do I display firmware version?  Not a huge issue right now, but going forward it might be helpful
6: Why so many extra screws?

That's all for now.  More as I play with it.  I have it hooked up to the Alex Loop here in the dining room, and will need to take it down for Dinner.  I'm home from work until Monday so I have time to play.

--Neil, W2NDG .

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