Re: Help with a v5 stuck in transmit.

KG5MG <kg5mg@...>

I installed the 470 ohm resistor but I'll go back and check the solder joints.

I used the 4 pin Mic connection that came with the custom metal enclosure and an old PTT Mic from a HT I rewired.  Also, the stuck in TX state continued after powering off the radio, removing the Mic completely and turning the radio back on.

Hamp Yearwood

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Date: 12/25/19 7:24 AM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: Re: [BITX20] Help with a v5 stuck in transmit.

Definitely check that resistor for correct installation, if wrong it will key the radio

Ed de N7SNT 

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See if the 470 ohm resistor used for TR switching is installed, then check the solder joint at each end.

Smaller possibility is RF getting into raduino. Likely it's something simple.


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