Help with a v5 stuck in transmit.

KG5MG <kg5mg@...>

I just completed assembling a uBitx v5 and tried to put it on the air.  It lit up and seemed to be receiving but when I keyed the mic there was a chattering noise and the TX/RX LED flashed on and off repeatedly then stayed showing in transmit status.  I was connected to a resonant antenna through an SWR bridge and no power indicated going out.  I turned the radio off then back on after disconnecting the mic but the TX light stayed lit.


I have been a ham for over 30 years but have been away from the hobby for the last 15+ hears.  My current skill level is slightly above a new Technician and the only test equipment is a multimeter.


Any help in troubleshooting the problem would be appreciated.


73 and Merry Christmas


Hamp Yearwood



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