Re: How to get rid of Local FM broadcast stations #ubitx


Hi All,

The discussion above made me think whether I have AM or FM interference. I had one MW Radio which was also playing the same station at 650 + KHz so I was in conclusion that it is AM.
But I checked and found that it is being transmitted over FM too.

Huh.. I am lost.. How do I verify?
Looks like I have to wait for any program host speak it out and say You are listening to AM/FM .. 

Any way I am trying to make a HPF first and see if that is going to eliminate my problem..

Getting Toroid at my place is bit difficult. Hope I get ready made conductors.

I am going to purchase the parts and hope I will be able to use my uBitx..

I will keep you all updated.
73 and Merry Christmas

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