Re: My uBitx V3 picks up local broadcast throughout the band #ubitx #ubitx-help #v3


Hello All,
Thank you for your suggestions and reply.
Please find a video of my uBitx. You can see the wiring and the adapter board there too.
The adapter board is just as per the
I have added soldered an IC socket on the uBitx board after removing TDA2822 IC. 
On top of that I have created an adapter board which extends the pins and I have placed a LM386 and the connected the pin to pin mapping as suggested in above link using magnet wire.
(Just note my uBitx was giving same symptoms before I changed the IC . i.e it was receiving local broadcasts before IC replacement too).

I have connected an EFHW (newly constructed ) antenna to the ubitx. I have not properly tuned it yet. Just constructed as per

uBitx is inside a metal box as you can see in the video. I have extended the LCD. (But there is no if I connect the LCD directly.

I have attached images of adapter and ubitx too. 

I tried adding .1uf ceramic cap to LM7805. But it did not work.

About the radio station, I believe it is 7-8 KM s far from my QTH.

I am really having tough time to setup my HF rig. Initially I had issues with putting the antenna as my apartment association was not allowing me. Now as that issue resolved, TDA2822 blew, and now this local broadcast overshadowing issue.. Huh.. 

I will definitely try to make a HPF as suggested by OM WA0ITP but thats definitely going to take some time as I don't have the required parts.

Please have a look and suggest where things are going wrong.


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