My uBitx V3 picks up local broadcast throughout the band #ubitx #ubitx-help #v3


Hi Friends,
I am a new Ham from Bangalore India. I had purchased a uBitx in Jan 2018 from HF Signals.  But I had not assembled it. I recently assembled the uBitx and observed it has TDA 2822 problem. I got that changed with a LM386 by making my own adapter board.

Now coming to the problem I am facing..
From starting I am facing a problem. What ever frequency I tune in, I hear local AM broadcast. I feel there are some conversations in the background but the local AM reception is overshadowing everything.
The audio is also not very clear.
Did any one face the same issue?

When I boot up my uBitx I observe it shows v 0.20.

I have basic knowledge in electronics. Could any one please help me how to troubleshoot this ? I am so interested to start my conversation in HF but this is putting my interest down :(
Please help. Thanks in advance.

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