Re: For Sale new uBITX kit with additional uBITX board plus display

Howard Fidel

Do you still have the two boards, and the blown out Raduino, they are repairable.


On 12/19/2019 9:45 AM, Jim Sorenson wrote:
I have a new uBITX kit and a spare uBITX board for sale. 

The uBITX board without the Raduino was part of a working system till I blew out the Raduino. 
The uBITX kit is new in the box and was purchased within the last 5 months. 
I'll include a display and various part from the first kit. 

$150 for both kit and additional board, parts and display
PayPal to my email and I can ship today CONUS - shipping on me. 

I enjoyed using the uBITX while the Raduino was OK, but am moving house and would not get back to this project for some time. 

Many thanks, 

Jim Sorenson

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