Re: ubitx v6, refactored code

Rick Green

On Thu, 19 Dec 2019, Ashhar Farhan wrote:

I understand that rick had a problem with a badly crimped connector. It would be impossible for us to test all the individual components.
Yes, its frustrating that the simplest problems take so long to track down. That was certainly a DOH! moment (slaps head...). It's on me, not you. I often preach 'Look for the simplest problems first', yet I catch myself missing what should be obvious way too often,
The incorrect assembly instructions, and the bad jumper itself, were part of the inkits case kit, not the uBitx itself from HFSIGNALS, so again, clearly not your problem. and those have been found and corrected, so moving on...
I've been tinkering with this since May, off and on. I've certainly had a lot of fun and education along the way, but I have yet to hear a recognizable voice or copy a single character of code. I've got a beautiful little box that _almost_ works. I just need to get the oscillators somewhere 'in the ballpark' so that I can finish a calibration using the procedure you published. Or might there be another, simpler maybe, reason for zero receive sensitivity?

Rick Green

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