Re: Brand new uBiTX v5.0 quality issue ?


Couple of boards with me with broken pot leads.

If the pots are mounted a little higher above the pcb then they can be twisted without problem.


At 17/12/2019, you wrote:
i am treating this as a serious quality issue. have others faced this too? by twisting the trimpots, the tracks can potentially come off. please write to hfsignals@... and ask for a replacement.

- f

On Tue, Dec 17, 2019 at 3:32 AM Mike WA0YCN < mgassman@...> wrote:


I got my board in early November and my trimmer was skewed as well. I presume they turned it like that because they changed heat sinks and the new ones go closer to the pc board than previous ones.  Regardless, I haven’t experienced any problems.Â

Just curious - my family is from Nervesa - where might you call home?


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