Re: Let's Minimize the Library problems.

Ashhar Farhan

Cory, jack,
Great ideas. I am travelling and I will try implementing these.
One of my key constraints is to keep things working with what others find easy to use. I would switch from Arduino to the Blue pill in a second except that programming it from Arduino or Platform I/O isn't so simple. You have burn in the boot loader that needs you to hook it up with a serail to usb cable, then switch over to usb programming.
I just give this as an example. Platform io isn't as familiar to many as the horribly kuldgy Arduino IDE. I aleast wish they had implemented a goto line feature!

73, f

On Sun 15 Dec, 2019, 2:16 AM Cory King, <cory@...> wrote:
And sorry to double reply, “good ide support” I mean something other than Arduino IDE.  VSCode or JetBrains CLion.  Both have much better syntax highlighting, auto-completion, git integration and oh so much more.

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