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Buddy Brannan

Ooh…a thing that reads the screen in morse? That’s half the battle toward eyes-free operation. The other half, of course, is some additional way to control besides the built-in touch screen interface, like a programmable keypad. Seems to me there were a couple of implementations of this floating around. Do please elaborate.

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On Dec 14, 2019, at 12:38 PM, Ashhar Farhan <farhanbox@...> wrote:

By morse reader, I actually meant software that reads out the screen in morse code.
I had fooled around with many morse decoders. Nothing really works on the bands. CW skimmer is the only thing that works under contest conditions.
So, if you want a morse code decoder that really works well, can adapt to any radio and needs no special hardware, then, spend a month, 20 minutes a day and practice at 30 wpm.
- f

On Sat 14 Dec, 2019, 9:56 PM splat1956, <dnrabin7@...> wrote:
This is very exciting. I have been thinking a long time but have not purchased one because I was afraid that the soldering and wiring instructions would be confusing. There have been many posts by confused builders.

This sounds great. Is there a morse code decoder built in or coming soon ? Your earlier post said " I have added a morse reader already. I shall finish integration to the user interface soon."
Please let us know when that is incorporated. I am unlikely to upgrade the software-firmware once it is working and that would be a very nice feature.

Great idea on the calibration with a known station signal for people without test equipment.

Thank you very much for this great upgrade !

David W9PH

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