Re: uBITX CW offset woes

Bill Cromwell

Hi Gordon,

Either way we setup the dial is right. Either way is wrong. If we use it the wrong way. As we have both said, we have to know how the radio in front of us works if we are going to have good results. That means we don't have any part of our emission outside the band AND our signal is where the other ham can hear it. For SSB we must present the right sideband, too.

Once upon a time I got a headache sorting it all out. At that time the headache medicines had a commercial showing Thor's hammer inside a human head striking an anvil complete with lightning strikes. If you remember those you will know it was at least a week ago:)


Bill KU8H

On 12/13/19 8:35 PM, Gordon Gibby wrote:
Aargh.  I may be wrong here!   If I am, my apologies, it makes my head spin a bit.   I’ll have to go fiddle with the radio and try it out.
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