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Buddy Brannan


I haven’t found calibration instructions. Assembly, circuit descriptions (which are fantastic by the way), yes…but somehow I’ve missed the calibration instructions.

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On Dec 13, 2019, at 9:58 PM, Ashhar Farhan <farhanbox@...> wrote:

We have left the old traces, connectors etc in exactly the same place. The software is backwards compatible with the previous versions. If your board has 12 mhz, you have to just edit that one line to change the second IF.
I have also written a new calibration rountine that makes it easy to calibrate without needing any instrumentation in the shack. You set the dial to the frequency of a known station, get into calibration mode, and then keep spinning the tuning knob until you are zero-beat with the known signal.
73, f

On Sat 14 Dec, 2019, 4:43 AM Rick Green, <rtg@...> wrote:
What I think he meant, and what I was wondering, is whether you added any new
thru-holes for easier imstallation of some common mods.
Specifically, the tx/rx LEDs that came with the custom case kit, and the N8DAH
AGC board. Have you designed in thru-holes and solder jumper so that these can
be installed without having to scrape, cut and solder the fine traces?

On Fri, 13 Dec 2019, Ashhar Farhan wrote:

All the cables and connectors of v5 are preserved as it. The only thing you need to do is to swap the 16x2 LCD for a tft display.Unfortunately, we are selling the boxes only as a part of the kit. These
boxes are so heavy that the extra money is mostlt the freight charge.

On Fri 13 Dec, 2019, 10:27 PM Cory King, <cory@...> wrote:

What I'm wondering is, now that all the connectors are soldered into the board, will the v6 board have thru-holes on it to solder in audio cables? That way it is easy to hook up all those
soundcard daughterboards for digital modes and/or hook up some of the Auto Gain Control cards I see floating around? Would be cool to have strategically placed thru-holes on it to hook up some
of the pan-adapters I've seen around as well.

Anyway, this seems like a pretty good evolution of this radio!
Rick Green N8BJX

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