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David Adams

Tell me more about this mag loop controller... also congratulations on the new book.  I look forward to purchasing it!


On 12/11/2019 11:03 AM, Jack, W8TEE via Groups.Io wrote:

I've been rattling on about the "new Projects" book off-and-on for about a year. Al (AC8GY) and I are sending the book to the publisher (ARRL) on Friday, completely finished and ready to go! The projects in the book can be seen in this photo:

There are four other chapters, too, but don't result in an actual project (e.g., setting up the IDE, Intro to C, Libraries and OOP, etc.). Alas, the ARRL has stuck the new license manual in front of our book, so it appears we will miss the Dayton show. That really sucks since Al and I will be at FDIM anyway. Oh well...

Jack, W8TEE

Jack, W8TEE

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