Re: uBitX as a Shortwave Receiver?

padmanabhan cattamanchi

A simple mod would be to bypass the input and output the   crystal filter with two miniature relays. It may not sound great but should be decent enough for SWLing


On Monday, December 9, 2019, 02:34:39 PM GMT+5:30, Olivier Grand <olilou1961@...> wrote:

Hello !
You can even listen long waves or lower (SAQ on 17.2Khz fo example) with the little SA612 Based VLF converter (see attached), works great

Le sam. 7 déc. 2019 à 14:42, iz oos <and2oosiz2@...> a écrit :

In my opinion using it just as a receiver is a bit of waste. It's an excellent choice as a qrp transceiver, but a Tecsun portable receiver like a PL660 is just more convenient with synch detector, AM, excellent SSB, excellent AGC, and you have the AM Airband as well. And plenty of volume too.

Il 06/dic/2019 01:25, "Mike Dice via Groups.Io" <> ha scritto:
I have read over the info about the uBitX on HFSigs. I understand it receives LSB and USB, but there is no mention of it being capable of receiving AM. I am considering getting one to use primarily to listen to what's left on shortwave. Is that possible?

Thanks, Mike

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